In Uganda, Join For Water and its local partners developed a participatory monitoring & planning tool for adaptation to climate and environmental change, resulting in an introductory brochure, an extensive manual for facilitators, and a short documentary. These 3 communication products are bundled under the title ‘What fire ants know’, referring to the ingenious adaptation strategy of fire ants, linking up to form a floating structure when their colony is flooded. A good reminder for all of us: if we want to adapt towards a changing environment we need to work together, as a community.

Join For Water aimed at developing a monitoring tool that could show in which way Join For Water’ interventions on Integrated Water Resources Management at household level actually contribute towards climate change adaptation capacities. During the Action Research process, and thus the development of the tool , the aim was further fine-tuned as we realised that it would be more correct to broaden our scope towards environmental change and not only focus on monitoring, but combine it with planning. This is how we finally came up with a ‘participatory monitoring and planning tool for adaptation to climate and environmental change’.

Since the tool is made out of different steps, they can be taken up separately as well. The tool is mainly meant for NGO’s and (local) government workers. We wish to inspire and give some hands-on ideas to set up a similar process.

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