This paper is a general introduction to water management written for the water portal of SNV. It contains a selection of topics with short explanations and links to more detailed information about each topic on the internet. The aim of the paper is to give an overview and provide quick entries to the most prominent approaches and debates at the moment. It is intended to be a living document, that is, it provides a general structure and basic information that has to be completed and updated over time. All are invited to contribute to the several parts of the document, and to suggest new topics. Though giving considerable attention to holistic and integrated approaches, the paper is written mainly from the perspectives of the irrigation water management sector and drinking water supply and sanitation sector. Yet, it is not structured along these two main sectors: it is structured along the main debates in the water sector. By this structure it intends to highlight similarities in the debates in the different sectors and also to motivate experts from one sector to look at the other sector, compare and learn. The paper does not include on the technical knowledge and skills required for water management, as this is considered basic knowledge of water management professionals. Also the latest technological developments are beyond the scope of this paper. The following list of approaches and debates on water management will be presented. For each topic, as far as possible, advocators as well as critics are mentioned, and also electronic links are given to other resources on the internet.

Kome Antoinette
Werken in het water - integraal waterbeheer