IWRM is being promoted by many organisations, implemented in some areas and piloted in others. A huge effort involving the reform of water laws, institutions and capacity building is underway based upon the IWRM 'recipe'. However, in much of the world, it remains business as usual. And often the WATSAN community are not at the forefront of IWRM. This Thematic Overview Paper (TOP) aims to support the WATSAN community in engaging in the IWRM debates and to help bridge the gap between talk and practice. Therefore, this TOP looks at the challenge of IWRM from the point of view of the WATSAN sector and those working within it. It examines why it is critical for WATSAN professionals to become involved in IWRM, but also what it means to do so, and what are the key activities that you can start to undertake in your work. To do this, the TOP provides analysis and explanation of the major challenges and trends in IWRM, successful examples of where practical approaches to IWRM generated good solutions to WATSAN problems, and also links to further sources of information, tools and approaches that can be used by WATSAN professionals in their work.

Moriarty Patrick, Butterworth John, Batchelor Charles
Delft IRC - International Water and Sanitation Centre NL
Werken in het water - integraal waterbeheer