(2017-2018) Madagascar Sustainable access to drinking water, hygiene and sanitation in the Plateau Central and in Toamasina

This program covers a period of 2 years and prepares the end of the Join For Water operation in Madagascar. We focus on the consolidation of the acquired expertise since we started our operations in Madagascar in 2006. The activities remain concentrated in the Central Plateau and in the city of Toamasina.


Inspectie van een watermeter, Centraal Plateau. © Dieter Telemans
  1. Access to drinking water is increased in both areas; access is sustainable in both quantity and quality.
  2. Hygiene and sanitary practices have improved in the district of Antanifotsy.
  3. Faecal sludge from latrines in Toamasina can be treated in more accessible (affordable) ways.
  4. Local management of the water and sanitation sector has improved: improved cooperation between communities, public services and civil society.
  5. The experiencies concerning sustainable management are disseminated at national level and in the Join For Water network.

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Target Groups
  • access to drinking water: 12.500 people
  • improved access to drinking water: 3.500 people
  • improved hygiene: 3.000 people
  • treatment of faecal sludge from latrines: 20.000 people
Funding / budget / duration


  • DGD
  • Flemish Administration and Aquafin through VPWvO
  • DDFiP Agence Adour-Garonne
  • Morlaas
  • Dept. Tarn et Garonne
  • Province Limburg
  • Fondation Elisabeth et Amélie through Koning Boudewijnstichting
  • Municipality of Ranst
  • Pidpa HidroPLUS
  • Private donations


  • 2017-2018


Activities & results

1. sustainable access to drinking water

  • sustainable infrastructure
  • different solutions according to the need: private connection to drinking water distribution, shared connection, water kiosk
  • elaborate municipal plan for the sector of drinking water, sanitation and hygiene; execution and follow-up of this plan (PCDEAH=Plan Communal de développement Eau Assainissement et Hygiène)

2.  improved hygiene Central-Plateau

  • CLTS activities (Community Led Total Sanitation): the entire community is responsible for better practices (monitoring/preventing open defecation, sensitization, education, construction of latrines...)

3. treatment of faecal sludge from latrines in Toamasina

  • follow-up of the management of the sanitary chain (training,...)
  • follow-up and management of the treatment plant as a final step in the sanitary chain
  • research for improved solutions

4. management of the sector for water and sanitation

  • assistance in systematic follow-up (role of local managers versus role authorities)

5. share and disseminate experiences 

  • workshops for exchange
  • collect and disseminate lessons learned, including for lobbying
  • FIKRIFAMA: ngo Centraal-Plateau
  • CNEAGR : Centre National de l’Eau, de l’Assainissement et du Génie Rural (research and training)
  • JIRAMA : Jiro sy Rano Malagasy (drinking water company)

Do you wish to support this programma, or do you wish more information? Please contact Johan Slimbrouck: johan [dot] slimbrouck [at] joinforwater [dot] ngo