2017-2019 (Ecuador) The right to drinking water and sanitary facilities in rural areas

Since the adoption of the Water Act, water management in Ecuador has taken a few steps forward. A regulation for drinking water managers is being implemented and a National Water Strategy has been developed in close collaboration with civil society. Ecuador has evolved into a middle income country and many international organizations have decided to leave the country. Join For Water has decided, at the request of his local equipe, to enter into a transition, with Join For Water EC continuing to work as an autonomous local organization. The activities take place in the coastal Esmeraldas province and in the southern province of Loja.


Een atelier over beheer en onderhoud.

Join For Water and its partner Join For Water EC want to contribute to the implementation of the human right on water and sanitation for the rural population of Ecuador.  Key words are 'sustainable' and 'participatory'.

  1. Sustainable access to drinking water and sanitation has improved.
  2. Local and national actors grow stronger to defend jointly their right to drinking water and sanitation.
  3. A special regulation for improved and more sustainable water management by the community is implemented.
  4. Processes of social control by the community are implemented: supervision of the water and sanitation policy both on local and national level.

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Target Groups
  • access to drinking water, sanitation and improved water management: 8.870 people
  • the rural population of Rioverde, Atacames and Muisne in the province of Esmeraldas , and the municipalities of Quilanga, Gonzanama and Catamayo in the province of Loja: 95.000  people
Funding / budget / duration


  • DGD
  • Province of East Flanders
  • Fundación Ayuda en acción
  • Municipality of Berlare
  • Municipality of Bierbeek
  • KrisKras


  • 2017-2019


Activities & results

1. sustainable access

  • sensitization/training of the drinking water users: hygiene, water storage,  maintenance of the installation,...
  • sensitization/training of the drinking water committees: price setting, bookkeeping, maintenance/management of the systems.
  • protection of the source zone, under supervision of river basin committee.

2. defend the right to drinking water and sanitation

  • training courses for civil society organisations about the right to drinking water and sanitation, IWRM, climate change, administration and finance.
  • training courses for women managers; gender awareness, locally and nationally.
  • training courses for users about their rights and duties regarding drinking water committees and the umbrella organisations.

3. special regulation for common water management

  • lobbying to make the national authorities recognize this special regulation.
  • promotion of the special regulation amongst drinking water committees and awareness of the advantages of this regulation for the committees .

4. social control and supervision

  • support and strenghten the municipal management structure for rural water supply.
  • support and strenghten the watchdog role of the civil society concerning drinking water and sanitation.
  • Join For Water EC: the local Join For Water team has become a non profit organisation under Ecuadorian law, and is a Join For Water partner for this programme.
  • CEFODI: Cooperación Esmeraldeña para la Formación y Desarrollo Integral, see also www.cefodi.org.ec
  • Province of East Flanders: partner for the activities in the province of Esmeraldas.

You wish to support this programme or you wish more information? Katrien Van Hooydonk will help you: katrien [dot] vanhooydonk [at] joinforwater [dot] ngo

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