Mali Innovative sanitation services for Bamako


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Improve the living conditions of low income inhabitants of 9 peripheral neighborhoods of the Municipalities I and IV of the District of Bamako.

Within 18 months, the « fecal sludge collection and transport » link in the fecal sludge management chain is reinforced for 100.000 persons (13.300 households).

  1. One alternative service of fecal sludge collection, with a basic formula of €30, will be installed in each Municipality.
  2. 20 emptiers (mechanical and alternative) will have improved their technical and financial performances.
  3. 2.000 supplementary households in the 9 neighborhoods will be convinced to return to professional fecal sludge collection.
  4. The achievements of the project will be capitalized and distributed among 35 active services/institutions in the sanitation sector.

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Target Groups

100.000 persons (13.300 households)of 9 peripheral neighborhoods of the Municipalities I and IV of the District of Bamako.

Funding / budget / duration


  • Practica Foundation
  • Via Water


  • 18 months
Activities & results

1. One service of sludge collection is installed

  • Selection of partner operators on basis of motivation and competences.
  • Analysis of the need for alternative emptying service
  • Participatory conception of kits for alternative emptying service, development of kits for pilot tests
  • Formulation of a detailed protocol for hygienic emptying service (materials to use, steps, control points)
  • Participatory evaluation and adjustment
  • Acquirement of alternative feces collection equipment

2. Reinforcement of capabilities of the collection service

  • Realization of a market study on the emptying service
  • Elaboration, based on the market study, of a plan to reinforce the capacities and performance of the manual and mechanical emptiers.
  • Training of emptiers (emptying in safe and hygienic conditions, elaboration of business plans and operating accounts)
  • Follow-up (via a smart phone application) and analysis of commercial results of the emptiers.
  • Development of a smart phone application to optimize the technical and financial performance
  • Training of partner operators on the use of the application to optimize their technical and financial performance

 3. Promotion of emptying services towards the population

  •  Elaboration of a strategy of sensitization/communication to promote the services to the households, with integration of marketing techniques of sanitation
  • Sensitization/communication campaigns (house visits, radio messages, etc.)
  • Implementing a call center to facilitate the connection between emptiers and households
  • Elaboration of a business model for the call center

4. The achievements of the project will be capitalized and diffused

  • Realization and distribution of a documentary on the activities
  • Presentation of the achievements in local workshops and meetings

Would you like to support this program? Please contact Johan Slimbrouck, thematic and geographic adviser for Mali: johan [dot] slimbrouck [at] joinforwater [dot] ngo