No infrastructure without management


Join For Water does not only focus on developing infrastructure. After all, why invest in an expensive water pump when no one can repair it when it’s broken? 

In all our projects, the future proprietor of the infrastructure (e.g. the municipality) is appointed as the project owner. The future users are also equally involved from the start, for example to dig trenches for a water pipe. An involved owner and involved users together ensure that the installations continue to work. In Ituri, DR Congo, the oldest drinking water systems are still working after 30 years, despite the difficult context in the region. 

Once the infrastructure is in place, we train user committees to take on the day-to-day management of the water systems. They make sure that the water users pay a small contribution for their full water bottle. With these contributions, the systems are maintained and repairs are carried out. A large part of our work consists of supporting these committees, because they are an essential link in the sustainability of the water systems.