Water 24/7 thanks to water dispenser!

The residents of Kyendangara no longer have to walk 3 km to get water from an unsafe source. (c) George Bwambale

UGANDA - In the fishing village of Kyendangara the time has finally come. The population can now get water from various public taps. In addition, there is also an electronic water dispenser where people can get water 24/7.

A drinking water point is normally manned by a man or woman. He or she keeps the water point open during the day and receives the money that the water users pay for their full jerrycan. People can only buy water during opening hours of the drinking water point, but the new water dispenser will change that.

How it works? The users receive an electronic token which they charge with money. When the token is held at the sensor of the water dispenser, 21 liters of water flow from the tap, the volume of a full jerry can. The residents of Kyendangara can get water here at any time of the day, even when the regular drinking water points are closed.

Thanks to the water system - a 9 km long pipeline with several tapping points and an electronic water dispenser - the 4 466 residents of Kyendangara no longer have to walk 3 km to an unsafe water source.