Succesful exchange on IWRM and Action Research

Join For Water Uganda was very honoured to host visitors from all over the world, more particularly from all the countries where Join For Water is active (Benin, Burundi, DR Congo, Ecuador, Haïti, Madagascar, Mali, Uganda, Rwanda and Belgium) from 10th – 16th April. The international delegation came to Uganda to exchange about IWRM (integrated water resource management) and AR (action research).

The week was filled with both presentations from different countries with their unique experiences, diverse field visits in the Mpanga Catchment, discussions with key stakeholders, highly appreciated, scientific reflections and cultural discoveries. Thanks to ‘logistics wizard’, Francis Kadaplackal, the whole program was successful and went very well.

“The program was well  balanced, to the point and deliciously intensive.”
(Stefan Van Damme, professor IWRM, University of Antwerp)

We hope that the exposure visits in the Mpanga Catchment together with the international exchanges and reflections will inspire the work in the different countries and want to thank all the people involved in the exchange for their active participation.


  • Upstream: Kazingo hills, NWSC (national water and sewerage coorperation), MMU (mountains of the moon university) and TBG (Tooro botanical garden) in Fort Portal
  • Midstream: Kibale Forest and Bigodi wetland
  • Downstream: hydro power plant at Mpanga Falls, Kayinja landing site, lake George and QENP (Queen Elisabeth National Parc)


Article and pictures: Hannelore Martens