Rwenzori Regional Learning Forum on raising community financing for sustainable WASH services

Members of the steering committee. © Join For Water

UGANDA - In October 2010, SNV and partners spearheaded learning at regional level and facilitated the first learning forum in Kabarole district under the theme of “Functionality is the key in sustaining rural water supply systems”. Encouraged by this development, the Rwenzori WASH Alliance (HEWASA, JESE, SNV, and Join For Water) and partners agreed to conduct an annual learning event and hence the 2nd event was held in 2012 with the theme “Improving accountability and transparency in the WASH sector”. The 3rd forum was held in Kasese in 2014 and it focused on learning around “how to improve local private sector involvement in water and sanitation service provision in Rwenzori region”.

In 2015, the focus was on the progress towards achieving the MDG targets for WASH and under the theme “Upscaling WASH innovations towards 2015 MDG targets; opportunities for increasing access and functionality of WASH facilities in the Rwenzori region”. This year`s theme is “Raising community financing for sustainable WASH services in the Rwenzori region”.

The steering committee is led by the ministry of Water and Environment and is composed of representatives of 6 organizations: Rwenzori WASH Alliance (HEWASA, JESE, SNV, and Join For Water), Water for People Uganda, and IRC Uganda. Kamwenge district Water Office is leading the planning and organisation of this year`s learning event.

Join For Water’ support to this event is funding a short documentary on challenges in providing sustainable rural water services, covering among others information on the amount of people in Rwenzori with and without access to water (and impact on e.g. walking distances), functionality issues, relevance of sharing and learning from each other as implementing partners.