2016-2019 (Benin) Local water management in 3 communities

This program is the continuation of the GLEAUBE project supporting 5 municipalities in North Benin. Key element was the strengthening of local client-contractorship in the municipalities and good governance. Gleaube II is therefore the name of this program, which focuses on 3 of the 5 municipalities: Kérou, Péhunco and Djougou. The other 2 municipalities Cobly and Boukombé are included in the program AMSANA that has similar objectives for the drinking water component. Synergy and exchange between both programs are therefore logical.


Een drinkwaterpunt in Péhunco. © Zoë Parton
  1. improved services for drinking water through better local governance 
  2. improved hygiene and sanitation in schools 
  3. management and improvement of land for horticulture

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Target Groups

The population of the communicities involved.

Funding / budget / duration


  • BFVZ: Belgian Fund for Food Security
  • Stichting Woord en Daad


  • 2016-2018


Activities & results

1. Access to drinking water

  • organization of the management: framework for dialogue, financial reporting, capacity building...
  • involvement of the private sector: management of the water points, repair services, stock management, spare parts...
  • training for the water user associations: watchdog

2. Schools

  • knowledgement about hygiene and sanitation 
  • management of the infrastructure: problem analysis, action plan, clubs for sensitization 
  • collect and share experiences with other schools 

3. Horticulture

  • problem analysis in dialogue with the farmers (m/f)
  • elaboration of an action plan, execution, follow-up 
  • The municipalities
  • DEDRAS, a national ngo
  • URCoopMa:  Union Régionale des Coopératives de producteurs Maraîchers
  • Local ngo's 
  • CARDER: Centre d'Action Régionale pour le Développement Rural
  • Service Eau (Ministry of Energy and Water)

Would you like to support this program? Please contact Harald van der Hoek, thematic and geographic adviser for Benin: harald [dot] vanderhoek [at] joinforwater [dot] ngo