2017-2021 (Haïti) Integrated Water Resources Management for Moustiques and Onde Verte

This programme focuses on the river basin of the Moustiques river in the northwest of Haiti, and that of the Verte Verte river in the center of the country. More families will have access to drinking water, sanitation and/or water for agriculture. Management of the infrastructure and protection of sources and river basins are other elements in the programme.

The living conditions of the population in the river basin of the Moustiques River and that of Onde Verte have been improved.

  1. Partners and local actors perform their duties in planning, consultation, execution, management and follow-up.
  2. Protection against erosion of smaller river basins.
  3. More people gain access to drinking water and sanitation.
  4. Improved access to water for agriculture, better use and management (eg for irrigation).
  5. Documentation and disseminiation of experiences and lessons learned.

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Target Groups
  • Improved management/services for drinking water, sanitation and  water for agricultrue: 40.000 people in the river basin of Moustiques
  • Improved management/services for drinking water, sanitation and  water for agricultrue: 55.000 people in the river basin of Onde Verte
  • Access to drinking water: 3.500 people get a new connection
  • Improved hygiene: 1.000 people
  • Protection agricultural area: 250 ha
  • Better management and use of water and other natural resources (such as compost...): 160 families
  • Irrigated land for agriculture: 230 ha
  • Better management of water for agriculture: 593 farmers
Funding / budget / duration


  • DGD
  • 11.11.11
  • Province of Antwerp
  • UEBH
  • Havenbedrijf Gent and Terre Bleue through Entrepreneurs pour Entrepreneurs
  • Private donations


  • 2017-2021


Activities & results

Action-research is a component in every domain.

1. Partners and local actors

  • consultation forums
  • development of a strategic plan 
  • training in client-contractorship (project ownership)

2. Anti-erosion

  • mapping of the river basin
  • anti-erosive measures
  • training and sensitisation in waste management, for the families 

3. Access to drinking water and sanitation

  • repair and expansion of the infrastructure
  • resource management
  • training for water users and management committees 
  • training and sensitisation in waste management and good hygiene practices

4. Water for agriculture

  • overall plan for irrigation and draining
  • expansion of infrastructure for irrigation and draining
  • training of irrigation committees 
  • inventory of the land rights (property rights)

5.  Lessons learned 

  • the results of action-research are collected and communicated
  • involvement in sectorial consultation forums 
  • exchange and advocacy
  • Comité de bassin versant Rivière Moustiques CBVRM
  • Institut de Technologie et d'Animation ITECA 

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