2017-2021 (Burundi) Drinking water, hygiene and sanitation in Bubanza and Bujumbura rural

Bubanza is a province in the west of Burundi, 30 km north of the capital Bujumbura. The needs are enormous: less than half of the inhabitants have access to safe drinking water. The province of Bujumbura Rural is also located in the west, near the capital. Join For Water is working in both provinces to improve sustainable access to drinking water and sanitation. To this end, Join For Water supports local project ownership: in this approach the municipality is considered to be the constructor-owner of the drinking water system. The guideline is Integrated Water Management.


Een werf voor Ecosan-latrines © Protos
  1.  There is drinking water and sanitary infrastructure and it is well managed.
  2. Local authorities and other involved parties are trained and know their duties and responsibilities (capacity building).
  3. Socio-economic circumstances have improved for 175 underpriviliged families. An underpriviliged family can be a family headed by a widow, or a family that suffers from malnutrition.
  4. ​Lessons learned are collected and disseminated at all levels.

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Target Groups
  • Access to drinking water : more than 20.000 people
  • Access to sanitation: more than 5.000 people
  • Special attention for underpriviliged families:  175 women-head of family
Funding / budget / duration


  • DGD
  • ACLVB/CGSLB via Sociaal Fonds Voeding VIA
  • Private donations


  • 2017-2021



Activities & results


1.  Construction and management of infrastructure

  • Construction of a drinking water systems that will serve households and public places.
  • Construction of sanitary facilities in schools.
  • Construction of EcoSan latrines in schools.
  • Construction of rainwater harvesting systems in schools.

2. Capacity building (execution: partner AVEDEC)

  • Training for municipal authorities on project ownership, integrated water resources management, planning, tenders, exchange,...
  • Delegation of management to local structures where water users are involved: learning how it is done and how to make sure that it works properly.
  • Sensitization of the population, especially through schools and families, regarding good hygienical behavior and local implementation of IWRM.

3. Improved situation for underpriviliged families

  • underpriviliged families receive a family pack that contains:
    • a latrine
    • a kitchen garden, a compost bin, a more efficient oven (in synergy with Caritas International, Belgium)
    • shower, drying rack, hand washing facility
    • education on balanced nutrition and on income generating activities
  • The families receive training on use and maintenance.

4. Lessons learned

  • The experiences/findings of all activities will be collected and disseminated: locally, towards other municipalities, water sector, public service offices, etc.
  • Organisation of 2 national workshops and 4 regional workshops for sharing experiences.


Protos mainly wants to follow up the existing infrastructure to ensure its sustainability. There is also a "plan GIRE 2015-2020" - Integrated Water Resources Management - of which Protos will monitor the implementation.  Examples of activities are replanting crops; promoting vegetable cultivation; revitalising committees for  river basin management and drinking water; using manure from the latrines;....


  • AVEDEC: Association Villageoise pour l’Entraide et le Développement Communautaire, a Join For Water partner since 2008 

Would you like to support this program? Please contact Harald van der Hoek, thematic and geographic adviser for Burundi: harald [dot] vanderhoek [at] joinforwater [dot] ngo